Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh my DAHLIA Valentine

Hear ye hear ye People of Adelaide-- I am taking a stand!!
Call me a mad woman (hey, it wouldn't be the first time). 

Well HELLO, Not only is this my first post, but a jump straight into the deep end! Woop! 
So lets go..

Red roses sure send one message.. boring .. 
And to be fair, bloody expensive for what they are- (upward of $165 for a semi decent dozen) Not only this, but there is so much more to the story behind the scenes that goes on with "valentines day red roses" that just does not sit well with my absolute demand for the best quality. I could go on forever....!

SO this year you will not find a stiff old red rose at Poppies. That's right, you are reading correctly- NO RED ROSES!!  *Personal disclaimer-This said, I am one to break the rules, even my own, and if I find some amazing red DAVID AUSTIN roses- they will be joining the party!

As I was saying.. You will however, find amazingly unique individual creations that will truly delight and impress your loved one. We are going to offer an abundance of glorious seasonal blooms with our unique touch..I want you to think deep ruby red dahlias, mixed with glossy wild blackberries, plum coloured foliages, herbs, and seed pods all wrapped up in kraft & embossed papers tied with a velvet ribbon. (warning velvet obsession coming on).
Prices you say?! Half dozen from $65 and dozen from $110- that's just a start!! Call or email us to place your orders TODAY (ladies alert your gentlemen) -- lets make some magic this valentines day!! Go team!! / 08 83795900

P.S. Boys this is something you can impress your lady with-- DAHLIAS When given as a gift, express sentiments of dignity and elegance. It is also the symbol of a commitment and bond that lasts forever.
 How much better can you get for valentines day?!



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